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Re: configure not find libmilter

From: Koichi Mori
Subject: Re: configure not find libmilter
Date: Sat, 03 Dec 2005 14:14:23 +0900 (JST)

Dan Nelson <address@hidden> wrote
in article Re: configure not find libmilter 
at Mon, 28 Nov 2005 10:50:02 -0600
>It seems to be, yes.  From my reading of the sendmail code
>(libmilter/sm_gethost.c), __switch_gethostbyname should only be used on
>Solaris 2.[012].  Solaris 2.5 and newer should just call gethostbyname. 
>If you extract the sendmail source and run "make" in the libmilter
>directory, you should see "-DSOLARIS=20800" in the compile lines.  If
>you see something else, that may explain why the file didn't compile
>correctly.  As a workaround, try adding a 
>#define SOLARIS 20800
>to sm_gethost.c on line 79 (just above the mi_gethostbyname function).
>If you can, I recommend upgrading to Solaris 10, which comes with BIND9
>and Sendmail 8.13.4+libmilter, so you don't need to manually compile
>either one :)


thanx alot. I could make it!!
I already inclucd "-DSOLARIS=20800" in site.config.m4 but I wrote 
only confMAPDEF. libmilter doesn't use it.
So, I wrote it in conf_libmilter_ENVDEF. then its working!

But I have to write BIDN include dir in Makefile for spamass-milter.
I couldn't find right place.... I wrote at DEFAULT_INCLUDES for bind
include dir.

then I could make spamass-milter!!
thanks alot!!!

Koichi Mori

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