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Status of CVS for 0.3.0 branch?

From: Chris Crowley
Subject: Status of CVS for 0.3.0 branch?
Date: Thu, 09 Feb 2006 11:40:43 -0500
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My question, "Is CVS for the 0.3.0 branch improved from the distro, and
stable for production use?"  If not, I'll drill down into the problems
with the 0.3.0 tar file that I've got, otherwise, I'll install the CVS
version and see if the problems persist.

I've been running 0.2.0, and plan to upgrade soon.  I've build 0.3.0,
and have noticed in some high load testing that it fails differently
than the 0.2.0 spamass-milter.  By failure I mean that I see error
messages in the log. For example:
Milter (spamassassin): local socket name /var/run/sendmail/spamass.sock
sendmail[10000]: ###ID: Milter (spamassassin): to error state
spamass-milter[13360]: SpamAssassin, mi_rd_cmd: read returned -1:
Connection reset by peer
spamass-milter[19980]: SpamAssassin: thread_create() failed: 12, try again

and a strace on the process shows that it is "hung":
strace -p 13360
Process 13360 attached - interrupt to quit
futex(0xc9e20c, FUTEX_WAIT, 2, NULL <unfinished ...>

>From the logs, and a quick non-scientific assessment, I don't think that
0.3.0 is failing any less frequently that 0.2.0 was.  It's just that the
0.3.0 process actually persists after it fails, so my restart script
(which looks if the socket exists) doesn't work to repair things.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.  Of course, I'm able to provide
more details if they would be beneficial.

Chris Crowley

Christopher Crowley
Network Administrator
Tulane Technology Services
phone: (504) 324-2249

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