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RE: Problem with upgrade from to 0.3.1

From: Jim Johnson
Subject: RE: Problem with upgrade from to 0.3.1
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2006 08:41:57 -0500

> The description of `-b' (and therefore `-B' too) is:
>        -b spamaddress
>               Redirects tagged spam to the specified email 
> address.  [...]
> So every email that is spam goes to the specified email.  That's
> something I want: I want to hold spam in a local file to review from
> time to time.  However, this file can get filled pretty quickly during
> Spam storms, and I never bother with anything above 8 or so.  Then I
> see this:
>        -r nn  Reject  scanned  email  if it greater than or 
> equal to nn.
>               [..]
> Sounds perfect.  *My* understanding was that with a standard 5.0 SA
> threshold and `-r 10', anything below 5.0 gets delivered, things
> between 5 and 10 are caught by the above -b spamaddress, and anything
> beyond that is rejected with *no trace*.  Now, that can be defective
> understanding on my part...

That exactly how I wanted and thought it would work too.  To ease server
maintenance at the small shop I work at we try to use RPMs exclusively, so I
hope your changes can make it back into the standard RPMs.  I'm sure there's
lots of users who would appreciate having this functionality.

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