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Re: toiletr outspoke

From: Wynne Matthews
Subject: Re: toiletr outspoke
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2006 07:30:44 +0100

Patience, I said for lack of any more intelligent answer, then
The newcomer pulled down a zipper that sealed his onepiece suit. Took
We let the shepherd keep the money when we lowered him, unconscious,
One of the guards dropped but the other one, with a stronger neck,
I dont like this, Floyd muttered, muttering for all of us.
fun. Up until the last, that is.
traveler if you please. Lovely, thank you. You may now proceed.
lifting mine.
And I double that, I said when lack of breath forced him to
I read you.
I jogged in position for a bit, then bent to tie my shoe then gave up

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