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Re: spamass-milter trying to chdir into /var/spool/mqueue?

From: Don Armstrong
Subject: Re: spamass-milter trying to chdir into /var/spool/mqueue?
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 23:16:01 -0700
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On Fri, 04 Apr 2008, John Guthrie wrote:
> I recently upgraded one of my systems to spamass-milter 0.3.1 (More
> technically, 0.3.1-5 From Red Hat EPEL.) and now I am seeing the
> following on every message in the log:
> NOQUEUE: SYSERR(sa-milt): can not chdir(/var/spool/mqueue/): Permission denied

NOQUEUE is a sendmail error, not a spamass-milter error.
> My first question is why in the world would spamass-milter be trying
> to chdir into /var/spool/mqueue?

It wouldn't, and it isn't. Your problem is that you're almost
certainly using setgid sendmail to queue messages, and you've got the
permissions set incorrectly. They should most likely be owned by smmta
and gid smmsp, but that's a distribution/configuration dependent

> Secondly, what can I do to get rid of this error? Should I be
> worrying about this error?

Yes, because it means that whatever is trying to be queued by sa-milt
cannot be.

Don Armstrong

"The trouble with you, Ibid" he said, "is that you think you're the
biggest bloody authority on everything"
 -- Terry Pratchet _Pyramids_ p146    

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