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Re: Initial Installation Step 2

From: Don Armstrong
Subject: Re: Initial Installation Step 2
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 17:30:29 -0700
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On Thu, 25 Jun 2009, Andrew Daviel wrote:
> On Thu, 25 Jun 2009, Don Armstrong wrote:
>> [Though in reality, you should really just discard spam messages
>> instead of rejecting them.]
> The whole point of a milter IMO is that you can reject suspicious
> mail without your MTA generating a message back to a probably bogus
> return address.

That's why you should generally just discard them instead of
rejecting. If you're fairly certain that it's spam, rejecting just
means that you increase the likelihood that people get backscatter
from forwarding MTAs.[1]

Don Armstrong

1: From zombie machines in the networks of ISPs, for example.
It has always been Debian's philosophy in the past to stick to what
makes sense, regardless of what crack the rest of the universe is
 -- Andrew Suffield in address@hidden    

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