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Voice on Speechd

From: Flaper87
Subject: Voice on Speechd
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2007 20:55:43 -0400

Hi everybody!!!

First of all, I've to say that my english is not perfect, so I'm sorry if i
make some mistakes

I've just downloaded the speechd source-code, and i also was reading the
server documentation.

I know that the speaking.c module gets all the message and sends it to the
output.c module to be spoken, right?

i would like to know where is the voice created in speechd? and how can i
configure, or modify it in the source code?

Greattings and Thank's

Flavio Percoco Premoli, A.K.A. [Flaper87]
Usuario Linux registrado #436538
Geek by nature, Linux by choice, Debian of course.
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