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ubuntu 8

From: Tomas Cerha
Subject: ubuntu 8
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2008 17:22:32 +0200

mattias wrote:
> when will speech-dispatcher work correctly on ubuntu hardy?

Hello Mattias,

Speech Dispatcher works correctly on Ubuntu Hardy, but there is a
problem with the default setup.  The easiest way to get it working now
is to switch to ALSA in your Gnome sound preferences and also in Speech
Dispatcher configuration (you currently need to set *AudioOutputMethod
to "alsa" for all the output modules you use
(/etc/speech-dispatcher/modules/*.conf).  Then you can run Speech
Dispatcher as a system service when you set RUN_SPEECHD=yes in

We hope to get the default setup fixed with Ubuntu developers soon.

Hope this helps, Tomas

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