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questions about spd with ibmtts

From: mk360
Subject: questions about spd with ibmtts
Date: Sat, 07 Jun 2008 09:44:34 -0400

Jan Buchal wrote:
>>>>>> "M" == mk360<rexxe at tutopia.com>  writes:
> [....]
>      M>  Finnally, I've notice that since I activated speech dispatcher in
>      M>  my system I can use all the audio reproduction programs, I can
>      M>  listen music without trouble, etc, but I can't listen system
>      M>  sounds, even when I try to play them in the sound dialog inside
>      M>  gnome preferences I can't hear absolutely nothing and it doesn't
>      M>  give any failure.
> It depends of you gnome sound configuration. You need set in
> system/options/sound all action managed by alsa. Then you need of course
> install esound. But I'm not sure if this way works for one channel sound
> card.
> I Have this configured but I can't play system sounds (all others work 
> correcli).

Best regards,

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