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getting started with speech-dispatcher

From: Hermann
Subject: getting started with speech-dispatcher
Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2008 16:43:02 +0200

Tomas Cerha <cerha at brailcom.org> writes:

> DON.RAIKES at oracle.com napsal(a):
>> The particular kernel I am using has speakup built into it, so I am 
>> wondering how I get speakup to work with speech-dispatcher.
>> I did compile and install speechd-up as well, but haven't been able to 
>> figure out from the docs how to make all the pieces work together.
> Hi Don, from my vague knowledge I believe you need to tell speakup to
> use the softsynth output.  There should be a kernel option for that.  If
> that is on, speechd-up should start speaking after you start it up.
The module's name is speakup_sftsyn; invoke it by:
modprobe speakup_sftsyn
To set speakup up with softsynth support is described in the speechd-uup
info page:
info speechd-up
If i'm now wrong, you use Fedora, so I don't know exactly how to
persistantly load speakup_sftsyn. In Debian you put it in the file
/etc/modules. Perhaps such a file exists in Fedora.

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