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Speechd-el: Sentence Navigation Solved

From: Veli-Pekka Tätilä
Subject: Speechd-el: Sentence Navigation Solved
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2008 23:14:52 +0300

Hi Milan, ah I did have time to do one final post still:
I found the reason for my sentence navigation failing thanks to Chris B in 
alt.comp.blind-users on a related thread. It is that I don't use two spaces 
after sentences, originally because Finnish plain text never does and I'm a 
second language English speaker. So unless I set sentence-end-double-space 
to nil, Emacs and by extensions speechd-el works counter to my expectations.

Also an extra question, to make use of the word echo patch, can I just copy 
some lisp code over, or do I need to recompile stuff written in C? I'm new 
to Linux as I said.

With kind regards Veli-Pekka T?til?
Accessibility, Apps and Coding plus Synths and Music:

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