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Issues with Speech-Dispatcher

From: Steve Holmes
Subject: Issues with Speech-Dispatcher
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 23:30:10 -0700

Hash: RIPEMD160

I don't use IBMTTS here but I do notice obvious differences between
gnome-speech and the speech-dispatcher module with espeak as the
synthesizer.  From my point of view, when I use gnome-speech with
espeak and orca, punctuation control works much like speechd-up and
speakup.  When I use speech-dispatcher and espeak with orca, I lack
much punctuation control.  I understood from the orca-list that the
speech-dispatcher module from orca is not well maintained and there
were some philosofical differences on how punctuation should be
controled.  My head started spinning with all the past discussion on
this from before on the orca list.  Personally, I like how punctuation
is handled with speakup and gnome-speech.

On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 09:55:58AM +0200, Tomas Cerha wrote:
> Robert Spangler wrote:
> >  I find that, with Voxin, I am unable to get Orca to read punctuation at
> > all and Speech-Dispatcher does not honor the punctuation setting;
> Has anyone else ever experienced this with IBMTTS and Orca?  If Orca
> works fine with espeak, the problem is probably not in Orca, but you
> also say that speechd-up reads punctuation well with IBMTTS, so I wonder
> what is wrong here.  It would be nice to get the log of SSIP
> communication between Orca and Speech Dispatcher.  This should be
> relatively easy with spd-conf utility (wich comes with SD 0.6.7).
> > Another problem, however, is that ESpeak has an echo to its voice whenever
> > reading punctuation.  How can I remedy this as it is very annoying.
> Strange, what sound system do you use?  ALSA or PulseAudio?
> Best regards, Tomas
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