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Best Mode for Speechd-el Quoting, Inefficient Bottom-Posting

From: Steve Holmes
Subject: Best Mode for Speechd-el Quoting, Inefficient Bottom-Posting
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 19:20:45 -0700

Hash: RIPEMD160

I've messed with gnus and vm a long time ago but found the
configuration process to be so laborious because of having to update
bunches of lisp code to set up the desired configuration.  Personally
I like mutt outside of emacs.  There's two features in mutt I haven't
found anywhere else.  One feature is a list-reply function.  No matter
how the reply options are set up for a given list, you can set mutt to
recognize the specific lists and use a single key to reply to the list
without having to do group replies.  The second feature I especially
like which is a simplified version of what you're asking for, is the
single key to jump to next unquoted text.  So when you get one of
those enormous top-quoted e-mails, you can hit the 'S' key and the
cursor is positioned at the beginning of the unquoted text.  You can
also use it again to skip the next section of quoted stuff to get to
the next block of unquoted text and so on.  It isn't hierarchical like
you described but the next best thing.
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