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Best Mode for Speechd-el Quoting, Inefficient Bottom-Posting

From: Veli-Pekka Tätilä
Subject: Best Mode for Speechd-el Quoting, Inefficient Bottom-Posting
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2008 13:36:23 +0300

From: Steve Holmes <address@hidden>
To: address@hidden
> I've messed with gnus and vm a long time ago but found the
> configuration process to be so laborious
Oh yes, see what you mean based on the manual. Judjing by the WIki, people 
had loads of trouble with Gmail and Emacs, so I'm going to just use 
something else and then only use Emacs for editing. I already work like that 
in Windows, but with a different editor. The Wiki entry in question is in 


> I like mutt outside of emacs. feature I especially like <snip> is the
> single key to jump to next unquoted text.
Sounds useful. You could do this in Emacs, too. I use the following PCRE 
regexp in my Windows editor:
A line starting with no greater than signs or white space. In fact this 
would be useful in Emacs. Since I could mark the start of what I'm snipping, 
regexp jump to the unquoted line and kill easily between the marke and the 
cursor. My Windows editor doesn't support that since it has no mark 
independent of movement.

You could further match particular levels with something like (untested):

where n is a number. THis is PCRE syntax again, since I still haven't a good 
picture of how the Emacs regexp syntax differs. And if it does support look 
around, for instance.

With kind regards Veli-Pekka T?til?
Accessibility, Apps and Coding plus Synths and Music:

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