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Speech-dispatcher on Fedora 9

From: Lars Bjørndal
Subject: Speech-dispatcher on Fedora 9
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 14:19:56 +0100

Hynek Hanke <hanke at brailcom.org> writes:

> Jan Buchal wrote:
>>     LB> spd-Asay spoke, yes. But paplay stopped working.
>> But the question is, if SD realy works with pulse audio output method or
>> alsa.
> With the 0.6.6 version of Speech Dispatcher, you must make
> sure that all of the loaded output modules (see AddModule
> in speechd.conf) specify AudioOutputMethod as "pulse"
> in their .conf files. With 0.6.7 the setting is centralized in one
> option of the same name in speechd.conf.

I noticed that whan I installd 0.6.7, yes.


> Please note however, that the current versions of Pulse Audio still
> seem to not be able to reach the performance available with ALSA
> and you will likely still find the responsiveness to be slower even with
> latest versions of everything if you use Pulse Audio.

However, if I uninstall pulseaudio, sound doesn't work properly in
GNOME. For instance the welcome sound that should sound after login
doesn't play.


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