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Re: Re: problem with speech-dispatcher

From: paulo donizete gardinalli filho
Subject: Re: Re: problem with speech-dispatcher
Date: 13 Nov 2008 19:19:17 -0300

    Hi, how can i verify that pulseaudio is started? if true, how can
disable it?
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De: "Jan Buchal" <buchal at brailcom.org>
Para: "paulo donizete gardinalli filho" <paulo at paulosoft.com.br>
Data: 13 de Novembro de 2008 21:06
Assunto: Re:  problem with speech-dispatcher

>>>>> "pdgf" == paulo donizete gardinalli filho <paulo at paulosoft.com.br> 
>>>>> writes:

    pdgf> Hi, I tried to configure speech-dispatcher with ibmtts but i
    pdgf> have problems. when i started the speech-dispatcher i get an
    pdgf> error from orca.
Check if you SD configuration use alsa audio output metod only. Best way
is configure SD with spd-conf script. Then be sure that your gnome is
set for alsa in system preference sound and finaly check if pulseaudio
is not started.


Jan Buchal
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