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using cyrillic vs sd_generic

From: Aleksandar Kostadinov
Subject: using cyrillic vs sd_generic
Date: Fri, 1 May 2009 07:15:55 +0300


I'm having troubles using cyrillic vas the generic module. I was
trying to make open-sapi workk with orca and noticed that cyrillic
characters are never read. So I tried the standalone open-sapi speech
client and it works with cyrillic characters. Then I tried the spd-say
and it doesn't work.

So looking at the speech-dispatcher configuration of open-sapi it just
uses the generic module with a command to execute. I changed that
command from using the open-sapi client to "echo '$DATA' >
/tmp/test.spd". This prints to the test file what needs to be spoken
out. When using latin chars only, then it is working. But if I pass
cyrillic characters then nothing gets print out.

So how do I make sd not break on cyrillic? I have set
LANG=bg_BG.CP1251 because this is the locale open-sapi vs my SAPI5
voice works with.

Please advise how to fix or at least how can I debug the issue if
details I provide are not enough.


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