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why pulse (WAS: Update on speech-dispatcher and pulse)

From: Peter Robinson
Subject: why pulse (WAS: Update on speech-dispatcher and pulse)
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2009 21:32:00 +0100

>> BTW, has Canonical approved your proposal to work on SD? Really hope so,
>> that'd be a great and much-needed project, particularly if it can be gotten
>> working with Pulse.
> Why is it so important for everybody SD to work with pulse, if it is
> working fine with ALSA !?

Because that is the default sound system on both Fedora and Ubuntu.
While pulse does offer a alsa emulation layer it adds issues/delays
itself, or if SD gets the lock on the alsa device before pulse does
the user might not get any other sound. It also adds support for other
audio devices such as bluetooth headsets, and dynamically routing
desktop speakers to audio headsets or back when they get unplugged.


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