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Problems using -generic modules with Ubuntu 8.10

From: Garry Turkington
Subject: Problems using -generic modules with Ubuntu 8.10
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2009 21:04:42 -0400 (EDT)


I've been trying to get speech-dispatcher working on Ubuntu 8.10.  More 
accurately I've got it working fine with espeak and flite but can't get 
the generic modules to work for the software Dectalk or Cepstral Swift 

My first problem was by default using ALSA for speech-dispatcher output. 
I think the Dectalk say utility wants to talk OSS and go directly to 
/dev/dsp so with speech-dispatcher running the say utility stopped 

I changed speech-dispatcher to use OSS and while speech-dispatcher is 
running with espeak I can get the Dectalk say utility to work.  But I 
can't get the dtk-generic module to talk.  When I try using "spd-say -o 
dtk-generic hello" I get silence.

I've added the speech-dispatcher user to the audio group and I'm sure I'm 
missing something because I've never really understood Linux sound!  Can 
anyone help?

I'll come back to Swift in a different post as that seems broken in a 
different way.


Garry Turkington
garry.turkington at gmail.com

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