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Problems using -generic modules with Ubuntu 8.10

From: Garry Turkington
Subject: Problems using -generic modules with Ubuntu 8.10
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2009 21:37:34 -0400 (EDT)


Fundamental rule of the universe -- one finds the problem just after 
sending to a mailing list.  I had erm messed up a symlink so the say 
binary wasn't being found by speech-dispatcher.  Sorry!

Now the software Dectalk is working but a minor issue - I get a small 
click at the end of each utterance, is that to be expected?

Re the swift-generic module, as soon as I uncomment the addmodule line and 
restart speech-dispatcher I get this the first time I try spd-say, even if 
trying a different module:

client: Speech Dispatcher failed to say message: Bad file descriptor

Following this the message is connection refused.  There's nothing in the 
swift-generic.log file but in speechd.log I'm told the swift-generic 
module loaded successfully.

Any ideas?

Garry Turkington
garry.turkington at gmail.com

On Thu, 4 Jun 2009, Garry Turkington wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been trying to get speech-dispatcher working on Ubuntu 8.10.  More 
> accurately I've got it working fine with espeak and flite but can't get the 
> generic modules to work for the software Dectalk or Cepstral Swift voices.
> My first problem was by default using ALSA for speech-dispatcher output. I 
> think the Dectalk say utility wants to talk OSS and go directly to /dev/dsp 
> so with speech-dispatcher running the say utility stopped working.
> I changed speech-dispatcher to use OSS and while speech-dispatcher is running 
> with espeak I can get the Dectalk say utility to work.  But I can't get the 
> dtk-generic module to talk.  When I try using "spd-say -o dtk-generic hello" 
> I get silence.
> I've added the speech-dispatcher user to the audio group and I'm sure I'm 
> missing something because I've never really understood Linux sound!  Can 
> anyone help?
> I'll come back to Swift in a different post as that seems broken in a 
> different way.
> Thanks,
> Garry
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> Garry Turkington
> garry.turkington at gmail.com
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