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Speech-dispatcher git repository created.

From: Nolan Darilek
Subject: Speech-dispatcher git repository created.
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 17:04:38 -0000

Hey, great!

Any chance you might set up a git-daemon and use the git protocol rather 
than HTTP? The latter is incredibly slow and not terribly well suited to 
git. Maybe I missed the git:// URL on the gitweb view. If I did then my 
apologies. Failing that, gitorious.org is actually pretty good these 
days and has shifted to a project-centric system, so you could create an 
SD project, assign its administration to a group and make anyone else 
members of that group so project ownership need not be in one set of 
hands. I'd be happy to set this up and promptly pass on group ownership 
should it be a matter of not having the time.

Thanks again. Not a terribly competent C programmer myself, but I'll 
gladly follow head and start testing as soon as it's needed.

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