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Speech-dispatcher c api questions

From: Hynek Hanke
Subject: Speech-dispatcher c api questions
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 14:58:33 +0200

Jeremy Whiting napsal(a):
> 2) I'm using one connection for the whole lifecycle of kttsd (unless it goes 
> down, then I reconnect.  Is this the preferred method? or should I be making 
> a 
> new connection for each speech job?

I think you must carefully think this through. How independent are
the KTTSD clients? Is it desirable to be able to set them speech parameters
(such as synthesizer, voice and volume) independently? If KTTSD is
kind of a relay between the app and Speech Dispatcher, then the
Speech Dispatcher way is to have separate connections for separate clients.
If on the other side KTTSD is more like the mouth for KDE which looks here
and there and speaks to the user about what is happening, than a unified 
with one connection could be prefered.

> 3) When I set kttsd up to send all irc notifications through 
> speech-dispatcher 
> I notice that jobs are getting truncated.  I'm currently saying all jobs with 
> a text priority and it seems when a new job comes in, the previous job is 
> cancelled and the new one started.

This is the correct behavior. See 
http://cvs.freebsoft.org/doc/speechd/ssip_10.html#SEC11 .
Looks like you nead priority MESSAGE instead.

> 4) Is history completely unimplemented? or just not supported in the c api? 
> I've noticed a few calls return error codes instead of valid information, 
> such 
> as the history get message list command.

History is not really working neither on server side. Something is 
but not finished and likely quite obsolete by now. SSIP commands should
return an error. There was never any real demand for history, so we didn't
work on it much. Perhaps for accessibility purposes it's better to reproduce
the situation (e.g. by cursor navigation) than to try to find an old 
message in
a pool of many other old messages.

> 5) Hynek, I've noticed a couple inconsistencies between the c api and the c 
> api's documentation, should I send you notes directly about those? or will 
> they be fixed automatically next time you run the texi2html or whatever 
> generates the documentation?

The version of documentation from www.freebsoft.org used to be
updated automatically from CVS till yesterday, when we moved to GIT.
So no, you will likely have to send patches to fix those inconsistencies.

Have a nice day,

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