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ANNOUNCE: Unofficial 0.6.8~rc1 release of speech-dispatcher.

From: Luke Yelavich
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Unofficial 0.6.8~rc1 release of speech-dispatcher.
Date: Tue, 2 Feb 2010 21:11:53 -0800

Hi all
I have decided to go ahead and release an unofficial 0.6.8~rc1 tarball of 
speech-dispatcher. There have been a fair few changes since 0.6.7 was released, 
some of which are bug fixes, and some new features, as well as some code 
cleanup. There may be a few commits I missed out from this shortlog for changes 
since 0.6.7, but I am pretty sure they were bug fixes anyway.

I must thank the various folks from the community who have sent me many a patch 
this last few weeks and months, the most significant of which, is the rewriting 
of the pulseaudio driver to give better audio output performance. I think this 
output code will still need tweaking, but it is already quite usable, and I 
myself use it from day to day.

Please note that this is not an official release, i.e the freebsoft 
project/Brailcom haven't given their endorcement/approval for this release, or 
many changes that are encorporated in this release.

You can download the tarball from 

Please report back with any issues you have with the tarball, and of course, 
patches are welcome.

also be on the lookout for another email from me, outlining a roadmap that I 
personally have for speech-dispatcher, which will focus on future additions and 
functionality changes that I'd like to see encorporated into speech-dispatcher.

Here is the shortlog:

Andrei Kholodnyi (3):
      don't install session files while --disable-session-integration
      removed 'struct Func', typedefs for plugin functions
      remove automatically generated config/speechd.conf

Gilles Casse (3):
      add a few curly braces
      modules, config - ibmtts: list of installed languages
      modules - ibmtts: fix the maximum number of possible languages

Hynek Hanke (34):
      (Tests.audio_try_play): Use proper os.path.join for constructing path to 
the testing wav file.
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      Prevent bash expansion of $DATA.
      (module_speak): Added mutex to protect espeak_state != IDLE
      * src/modules/module_main.c (PROCESS_CMD_NRP): Mutex unlock moved to 
correct place.
      Respect ${DESTDIR}.
      *** empty log message ***
      (_alsa_close): Protect stop pipes with mutex. (alsa_stop): Handle 
correctly write return value.
      (alsa_pipe_mutex): New mutex.
      (speak): Added debugging messages.
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      (Communication Protocol for Output Modules): Synchronization of index 
marks explained in more detail.
      *** empty log message ***
      (maintainer-clean): Maintainer-clean does clean.
      *** empty log message ***
      Maintainer-clean deletes configure.
      (clientconforigdir): New location for .desktop file.
      (EXTRA_DIST): Include speechd.desktop in distro.
      *** empty log message ***
      (all): Handle speechd.desktop.
      (Tests.diagnostics.decide_to_test): Set port in ~/.profile and place 
speechd.desktop in ~/.config/autostart
      (EXTRA_DIST): Include speechd.desktop in distro.
      New file.
      Create conf/desktop/ directory for installation.
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      Testing CVS -- blank line.
      (_pulse_open): Added PA_STREAM_ADJUST_LATENCY
      (load_default_global_set_options): Pulse Audio parameters modified 
according to Lennart's instructions.
      *** empty log message ***
      * src/audio/pulse.c (_pulse_open): Typo.
      *** empty log message ***

Luke Yelavich (28):
      server - Send log level configuration setting to speech modules
      modules - Receive and set log level from speechd server
      audio/alsa, audio/oss - Take the log level into account before logging a 
      audio/alsa, audio/oss - Assign all log messages a log level
      audio, modules - Set libspdaudio's internal log_level variable
      modules - Support graceful audio fallback
      modules - Fix compiler warning
      config - Set the audio output to be "pulse,alsa" by default
      server - More tightly integrate the server into a user session
      C API - Remove function definitions for functions that do not exist
      server - Add support for retrieving current voice and current output 
module over SSIP
      C API - Allow clients to define their own version of SPD_DEBUG
      config - Load system wide and user client configuration files
      Revert "C API - Remove function definitions for functions that do not 
      C API - Clean up spd_set_synthesis_voice function definitions
      server - Only check for $HOME/.speech-dispatcher if the current user's 
home directory starts with /home
      Revert "server - Only check for $HOME/.speech-dispatcher if the current 
user's home directory starts with /home"
      audio/pulse - Attempt to connect to pulseaudio server when determining 
audio output
      modules - Fix audio fallback logic
      C API - make spd_open threadsafe
      config - Remove quotes from references to the speech-dispatcher 
configuration directory
      config - Reflect default pulse configuration choices
      audio/pulse - Clean up properly if an attempt to connect to the 
pulseaudio server fails
      session - Add auto-spawn functionality as part of session integration
      Add .gitignore files to prevent autotools files from being considered
      C API - Only spawn the speech-dispatcher server if session integratino is 
      audio - Add libao output support
      Prepare 0.6.8~unofficial~rc1 release

Milan Zamazal (2):
      Fix socket leak on connection error in libspeechd

Rui Batista (6):
      Audio - Rewriten pulseaudio driver using the pulse-simple library
      Audio - Converted previous patch to read some parameters from 
      Audio - Changed fdset.h to reflect the new pulseaudio backend settings
      Audio - pulse.c: send NULL when server string is default
      Configuration - Changed default config file to reflect new pulseaudio 
      audio - Changed comments for pulse.c to reflect authors

William Hubbs (1):
      fixed getline prototype

Willie Walker (1):
      OpenSolaris fixes

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