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espeak and capitl letters?

From: Tomas Cerha
Subject: espeak and capitl letters?
Date: Mon, 08 Feb 2010 19:42:09 +0100

Jacob Schmude napsal(a):
> I've noticed that the espeak driver in speech dispatcher (latest git) is
> speaking the word "capital" before every capital letter. However, as I
> have both screen readers (speakup and orca) set to raise the pitch for
> capitals this seems a little redundant? Why does the espeak driver do
> this? Shouldn't that be up to the client how to give that information?

Yes, I think you are right.  Speech dispatcher allows setting how
punctuation is announced through SSIP.  The three supported modes are
`none' (no indication), `spell' (what espeak does now) and `icon'
(playing) a sound before capital letter).  In case of Orca, which
changes the pitch, it would make sense to switch to `none'.  I'm not
sure whether the espeak output module supports it (I believe it should),
but if it does, the only needed change is to switch the mode in the Orca
SD backend.  If you can, please, create a bug report against Orca
requesting that and add me to the CC of the bug, I will send a patch.

Or if someone else wants to do it, it's as simple as adding a line:


to the end of the method `speechdispatcherfactory.SpeechServer._init()'.

Best regards, Tomas

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