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Espeak Klatt voice varients

From: Storm Dragon
Subject: Espeak Klatt voice varients
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 12:24:13 -0500

Espeak has some voice varients. When using one of them, it is added by
putting a + after the language and before the varient name. So, if using
Espeak from the command line:
espeak -v en-us+klatt2 "hello"
would say hello using the klatt2 varient.
In speech-dispatcher, it is possible to select the correct language,
even though en-us is more than the 2 letters it asks for, but it will
not accept the +klatt, klatt2, or klatt3.
A lot of people seem to like the klatt voices, so I would like to
request someone please write a patch to either allow + and a varrient
name added to the language selection, or make it so that putting the
varient in the correct spot, like where it suggests male or female1 will
work. I review the code myself, but I was never much good at C or C++

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