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sd_ibmtts crashes

From: Gilles Casse
Subject: sd_ibmtts crashes
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 21:54:16 +0100

Hi Jose,

Please found below three URLs and a summary of how I understand the
filter mechanism. Of course, my description can be more or less
accurate, but  well, hope it helps.

The filter is a kind of plugin which converts text. If several filters
are loaded, they will work in cascade: the first filter manages the text
supplied to eciAddText, the second filter manages the text returned by
the first filter and so on.

I implemented such a filter recently for the punctuation in voxin and
met two main issues:

- AFAIK, the filter API is not included in the public ibmtts sdk project
at sourceforge. It could raise questions on its license.

- the plugin must be built using an old c++ toolchain. I used crosstool
and provide a script for patching and building it.

Here are three urls:
- ibmtts api documentation from wizzard software (Dynamic Filters):

- sources of the punctuation filter (except the filter header file), and
scripts for building the toolchain:

- the ibmtts sdk public project

Best regards

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