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bug: wrong client is deleted from fd_settings

From: Chris Brannon
Subject: bug: wrong client is deleted from fd_settings
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 2010 12:16:55 -0500

The patch I just sent to the list fixes a bug in which the wrong client
could be deleted from fd_settings.  The bug only affects
the most recent Speech Dispatcher source from git.
Here's how it is reproduced on my machine.

1. Start an application which uses Speech Dispatcher.
I found this while using Speechd-el, but I seem to remember reproducing
it with Orca as well.
2. Let the application read a small amount of text.
Over here, I just usually listen to the startup message from Speechd-el.
3. Run spd-say from a terminal:
spd-say hello
4. Switch back to your original application, and try to make it speak.
You won't hear anything, because the connection was deleted.

-- Chris

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