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Python install path

From: Jeremy Whiting
Subject: Python install path
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2010 07:01:54 -0600

Since a couple of days ago I've been trying to get speech-dispatcher from
git to build and install into the default prefix of /usr/local .  I had some
issues when trying to find spd-conf as it was installed to
sources/src/python/usr/local/bin/ for some reason.

I had been following the INSTALL file instructions and ran ./build.sh then
configure --prefix=/usr/local then make and make install.  I'm not sure why
I'm the only one hitting this issue, maybe something wrong with my
environment variables or something?  Anyway, I've built and installed
opentts on this machine just fine with the same setup, so I looked at it's
src/python/Makefile.in and noticed it has something extra in there.

Where speechd/src/python/Makefile has this:

    ./setup.py install --root="${DESTDIR}" --prefix="${prefix}";

opentts/src/python/Makefile has this:

if test -n "${DESTDIR}"; then \
    ./setup.py install --root="${DESTDIR}" --prefix="${prefix}"; \
else \
    ./setup.py install --prefix="${prefix}"; \
fi; \

So I removed the --root="${DESTDIR}" bit from speechd/src/python/Makefile.in
and reconfigured and installed and it installed correctly to /usr/local/bin
and /usr/local/lib

Checking latest git of opentts src/python doesn't even exist anymore.  At
any rate if the build system changes made to opentts could be ported back to
speechd that would be awesome. (Or if there's some other explanation for why
I'm hitting this issue that can be resolved that's cool too).

At any rate I've got a running speech-dispatcher working now, so I'm happy,
just wanted to get this documented in case anyone else hits it, and so a fix
can be found if it's a real problem and not just my own error somehow.

Jeremy Whiting
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