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speechd-el "modularity"

From: Tomas Cerha
Subject: speechd-el "modularity"
Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2010 10:07:45 +0200

Dne 8.8.2010 14:50, Pierre Lorenzon napsal(a):
> The gain is that instead of two connections in the chain (and 2
> servers, 2 clients) there is only one connection one server,
> one client and hence the system will be more reactive.

Hi Pierre,

I can't comment on speechd-el internals, but I suspect that the gain in 
reactivity is
quite theoretical.  In practice, you will not get much speedup as the dominant 
consumer in the chain is Festival itself.  In fact you will also loose the 
speedup of
Speech Dispatcher's caching, so the results may not be worth the effort.

The direct Festival module would be quite simple at the beginning, but you will 
end up writing quite a lot of code if you want to comply fully for switching 
languages and other "tiny" details.

I don't want to discourage you, these are just my two cents.

Best regards,


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