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[PATCH] rearrange code in intl sub directory

From: Chris Brannon
Subject: [PATCH] rearrange code in intl sub directory
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2010 13:01:36 -0500

> From: William Hubbs <w.d.hubbs at gmail.com>
> This moves intl/ to src/common and turns that directory into a library
> of common routines
> This means that we can place other routines in this library also which
> are shared between the server and the modules.
> Also, this creates an include/ directory at the same level as the src/

Hello William,
Here are my comments on the most recent version of your patch.
As it stands, this patch causes "make dist" to fail.
The problem is with the following line from src/common/Makefile.am:
+libcommon_la_SOURCES = fdsetconv.c fdsetconv.h
where fdsetconv.h is actually in the include/ directory.
Do you even need to mention that file here?
The patch also needs to be rebased against master.
There are two small conflicts, one in configure.in, the other in
Aside from those two issues, it looks good.

-- Chris

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