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Current Roadmap

From: Halim Sahin
Subject: Current Roadmap
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2010 22:19:14 +0200

Here are my thought's for the 0.8 branch:

1. It would be nice if speechd could support more synthesizers like svox
pico, and the mbrola module which was sent to opentts list.

2. Regarding consolekit functionality:
Can you please give some examples what yyou mean with consolekit
support. Maybe it would be more clear if you can provide an useful
In my opinion this should be implemented only if there is a useful
In the past speechd got some features which are great and sound good
when writing these in the documentation but they have no useful effect
in real used accessibility environments.

3. Working on the configuration system is great but 
_please_ don't produce not human readable configfiles.
I agree that the addmodule directives should be removed but I see no
problems by using dotconf for parsing the configuration.


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