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Speech Dispatcher Java Bindings

From: Rui Batista
Subject: Speech Dispatcher Java Bindings
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2010 16:36:55 +0100

Qua, 2010-08-11 ?s 17:05 +0200, Tomas Cerha escreveu:
> Hello,
> we just discussed the possibility of inclusion of Java Bindings in the
> Speech Dispatcher codebase and we would like to hear the opinions of
> others, especially of the author of Java bindings, Rui Batista.
That's me! :) 

> The java bindings are currently in a separate git repository
> speechd-java at git.freebsoft.org.  We would like to know if Rui plans
> to further develop and maintain the code.  It will probably need some
> work to make this code compliant with current SD releases.
I was just updating the code to use unix sockets, we are almost in sync!
I was developing it for OpenTTS but with recent developments I supose I
wcan do it for speechd. Anyway the code can be used for both since they
are SSIP servers.

> If Rui or someone plans to work on that, it might make sense to treat it
> similarly as other existing SD client libraries.  We considered the
> advantages of having client libraries in the common source tree as the
> server and the possibility of their separation.  Python, C, Guile and
> Common lisp are now in the tree.  Java is separate now and actually,
> there is also the Emacs Lisp library implemented in speechd-el.
Yes I'll do.

> The separate/common aproach makes difference in several aspects, but all
> of them may become advantages or disadvantages depending on the
> situation.  These aspects are:
>   * development coordination
>   * maintenance overhead
>   * commit rights management
>   * release synchronization
>   * version dependencies
> There are probably more.  We currently incline to the belief that having
> all bindings in the common source tree is better, especially because of
> lower maintenance overhead.  Thus we would be for inclusion of the Java
> binding in the speechd repository.  Other option would be to separate
> all client libraries into separate repos with their own independent
> comitters/maintainers, release cycle, version numbers etc.
If you think it is easier I don't mind integrating it in the speechd
repository, for me there is no problem at all. Separating all bindings
can make things confusing I guess because of coordenation of releases
and so on.


Rui Batista

> Looking forward to your comments.
> Tomas
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