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Current Roadmap

From: Tomas Cerha
Subject: Current Roadmap
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 15:07:18 +0200

Andrei Kholodnyi napsal(a):
>> Yes, that is correct.  I'd just wait before starting to push any cleanup 
>> patches to the
>> master (future 0.8) until 0.7.1 is released.  Of course, it would be also 
>> possible to
>> start immediately, but it would probably complicate further merging so I'd 
>> recommend to
>> wait. If someone promises he will merge all 0.7.1 changes manually, that 
>> might help,
>> but I don't see the necessity (unless someone has some concrete reasons).  
>> Let me know if
>> I am missing something.
> You'll always have this merging problem, where master and several
> branches are running in parallel,
> it will be the same story e.g. with 0.7.2 and 0.8.

Well, yes and no.  Branches are usually easy to merge unless you do stuff like
re-indenting all lines (which, as far as I understand, should be part of the 
You are right that with 0.7.2 and 0.8 it will be the case, but we hope that 
0.7.2 will
be quite minor.

> And yes, I have no problem to wait.

Great, we can start doing merge friendly changes right now, but let's please 
wait for
coordination with merge unfriendly stuff, such as code formatting etc.

Thanks for understanding


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