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Serial Synthesizer Support

From: Halim Sahin
Subject: Serial Synthesizer Support
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2010 12:18:22 +0200

On Fr, Aug 13, 2010 at 09:15:28 -0700, Steve Holmes wrote:
> Hey, I was thinking of wanting to include support for serial
> synthesizers like Speakout, DEC Express, Lite Talk, etc.  If nothing
> else, it should help get around some of the session integration issues
> and avoide conflicts with sound cards.  

Personaly I find it really sat that blind people
must use old hardware because of _stupid_
additions to current linux systems which break a11y in many places.
It's your time :-).
At least in Europe I am not aware that these synths can be ordered
I personaly will never use a real hw synth for my computer but Perhaps I
can help by testing your code.
Synths here are:
infovox 700 and dolphin juno.

> Also after regular serial
> ports, I would like to see support for USB synths in much the same
> way.  I recall speechd used to have an Apolo synth driver long time
> ago but it got pulled before I could save it aside.  Is there any way
> to get something like this going? I would think at the beginning
> perhaps I could clone a generic module for support to any serial synth
> just to make it talk and then code separate module for each synth with
> proper voice parameters.  My biggest concern would be the indexing the
> synth gives back to the driver.  But that could come a little later in
> the development cycle.  

Most of these synths are using serial communication.
I would suggest a generic hw-synth module with individual setting files
for each hardware synthesizer.
That's the way choosen by sbl :-).

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