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Paplay or Aplay Confusion

From: Steve Holmes
Subject: Paplay or Aplay Confusion
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2010 11:07:10 -0700

I think this bug came up in the past but thought it solved by now.
What is happening with the swift-generic module is the synth command
line substitutes paplay or aplay depending on whether pulseaudio or
alsa is being used.  In my speechd.conf, the DefaultAudioMethod was
set to "pulsa,alsa".  I presently do not have pulse installed on my
system.  For whatever reason, speech dispatcher still tried to use
paplay to play the generated wav file.  When I removed pulse from the
DefaultAudioMethod string, then aplay was properly substituted and
swift-generic worked again.  I'm experiencing this with the latest git
pull of Aug 13th.  I thought this was working before with the original
speechd.conf so I'm wondering if a recent change affected the player
selection and autio output methods.

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