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Serial Synthesizer Support

From: Halim Sahin
Subject: Serial Synthesizer Support
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2010 03:43:17 +0200

On Sat, Aug 14, 2010 at 11:14:37PM +0200, Tomas Cerha wrote:
> Dne 14.8.2010 06:15, Steve Holmes napsal(a):
> > Hey, I was thinking of wanting to include support for serial
> > synthesizers like Speakout, DEC Express, Lite Talk, etc.
> Hi Steve and all,
> the hardware synthesizers will probably always be quite limited in its
> functionality compared to sw as they mostly don't support callbacks etc,

Hmm, they only need to support indexing to implement a working driver

> so things like say all in Orca or some cases of message synchronization
> will not work as they should.  However, 

as said, indexing support would be needed.

> Probably a good way to do that would be to write a single hwsynth
> output module, which would be configurable for different synthesizers,
> or it might use some sort of autodetection to set up itself for the
> currently connected synth (if it is supported).  This should be well
> considered during the initial design.

Any kind of autodetection would take a lot of time during start.
I am aware of one application which supported the autodetection of
serial synths.
But that app used this information only in it's setupproeccess.


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