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New, faster espeak released

From: Bill Cox
Subject: New, faster espeak released
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2010 07:33:26 -0400

Espeak version 1.44.02 increases the maximum speech rate of espeak
from 390 wpm to 450, a very significant gain.  However, to get Orca
working at this speed requires minor patches to the espeak and
speech-dispatcher packages.  In speech-dispatcher,
src/modules/espeak.c simply needs the "390" hard-coded maximum changed
to 450.  In espeak, there is an undocumented "control" parameter to
the SetSpeed function.  To enable high speed, this control parameter
needs to be set to the magic value "3" everywhere that SetSpeed is

I've uploaded patched espeak and speech-dispatcher packages to the
VInux testing repository.  If testing goes well for a week or so, I'll
move them to the main repository so everyone has access to the
improved speed.


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