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Paplay or Aplay Confusion

From: Trevor Saunders
Subject: Paplay or Aplay Confusion
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2010 07:43:41 -0400


On Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 05:48:04AM -0500, Chris Brannon wrote:
> Steve Holmes wrote:
> > with the default AudioOutputMethod options, it tries to launch the wrong
> > player if the system doesn't have pulse installed.
> Hi Steve,
> Sorry for not replying sooner; I meant to do so.
> The generic module doesn't support fallback.  It always uses the first
> audio output method in the list.  So that's why it wants to use paplay
> when AudioOutputMethod is pulse, alsa, and pulse is unavailable.
> This was fixed in OpenTTS.  The generic module called spd_audio_open
> to get a handle for the audio device.  Next, it called a function to get the
> play command associated with the output method.
> This solution supported fallback.
> I'd like to bring it over to Speech Dispatcher, along with a bunch of other
> cleanup code.

agreed, is any body currently working on much of this?  I'd rather not repeat 
what others are working on.


> -- Chris
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