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first batch of audio patches from OpenTTS

From: Chris Brannon
Subject: first batch of audio patches from OpenTTS
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 07:47:44 -0500

I just posted a new, slightly reworked set.
A couple bugs are fixed.

* While importing, I forgot to account for the fact that pulse_play now
calls pulse_close to close the connection to the Pulse server.  But
the new pulse_close frees the AudioID.  Fixed by splitting out a
helper function, pulse_connection_close.  This just closes the
connection, and it can be used in pulse_play.

* In modules/generic.c, the statement status_info = NULL needs to be
*status_info = NULL.  The former just discards status_info.

* Moved a change to pulse_open from an earlier patch to a later patch.
It makes more sense in the new position.

* Install the new spd_audio_plugin.h header, as was done in the original
commit.  I deleted that target from src/audio/Makefile.am during my
first rebase, and I shouldn't have.

* Assigned copyright on the new static_plugins.c.in file to Andrei,
since he wrote it.

The updated file is at the same place:
I should've been more cautious about announcing these, because they
needed to be tested more thoroughly.  The changes are pretty extensive.

-- Chris
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