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From: Jan Buchal
Subject: Thanks
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2010 10:42:00 +0200

Greetings to all,

I would like to thank everyone who constructively and gladly contribute
to Speech Dispatcher development. Originally a corporate project is
becoming a community project, which was also our goal from the beginning
of the development. As in every relationship people seek ways to each
other, it was the same with BRAILCOM and volunteer developers. I am very
glad that we managed to overcome various misunderstandings and that the
development of Speech Dispatcher has become our common interest, our
common project.

I am also glad that those who are participating understand the sometimes
unpleasant administrative stuff like registration, copyright etc. We do
not live in an ideal world, so neither the development of such a needed
software cannot be ideal.

I would like to express my wish that we can make our development as
effective as possible, so that in the current time of worldwide economic
crisis, it is possible to offer a real, effective way of development of
Accessibility software to those who really need help.

I thank all for their effort and persistence.

Best regards

Jan Buchal -- CEO, BRAILCOM, o.p.s.

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