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rfc: handling translations for i18n support

From: Rui Batista
Subject: rfc: handling translations for i18n support
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2010 04:01:00 +0100

S?b, 2010-08-28 ?s 10:09 +0200, Tomas Cerha escreveu:
> Hi Halim and all,
> Halim Sahin wrote:
> > I my opinion code-patches shouldn't contain any Translations included.
> > The language specific po files should be posted to the list as seperate
> > e-mails.
> Yes, definitely.
1. Wrote this in the README.translators the patch I sent two minuts ago
wit i18n initial stuff.

> It would be great if someone wanted to start writing a document with these 
> rules.  Maybe
> we might also include it in the general rules that are currently at
> http://www.freebsoft.org/cooperation.  These rules should also be updated 
> with the
> things we recently agreed on, such as the review process etc.  I'm just 
> thinking where
> to put this document for easy access.  I think it would deserve to be in git, 
> but as we
> wanted to be a general Free(b)soft document not exactly specific to Speech 
> Dispatcher
> project, I'd rather avoid having it in SD git (otherwise it would quite 
> naturally fit
> into the SD documentation).  Ideas welcome...
The README.translators i wrote is quit technical, it specifies commands
and such people need to enter to create po files and so on. For instance
GNOME has an infrastructure to generate those from time to time, people
just need to translate and someone (usually someone from the i18n team
for each language) commits the file. Don't if the commit is direct (via
git) or some web inteface. Anyway, at least the process to send to files
to the mailling list should be referenced on the cupperation page.

> Also, regarding the internationalization, I think we are going to be an 
> official Gnome
> dependency quite soon and this would bring us the advantage of being 
> translated in the
> process of Gnome translations so our rules for this should be compatible with 
> Gnome's rules.
I don't know the rules behind GNOME translation, usually I just tranlate
Orca and send the po file to the Portuguese team leader. But if we can
use their infrastructure it would be great because it is a all new world
for translators to speech dispatcher.

Rui Batista
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