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Two suggestions for speechd-el

From: Cleverson Casarin Uliana
Subject: Two suggestions for speechd-el
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2010 19:11:25 -0300


I have two suggestions for speechd-el that would make it a killer 
product over emacspeak, which doesn't implement them.

First, a "read continuously" command would be nice, meaning a command to 
start saying the contents of a buffer from the current cursor position 
to the end, and make the cursor follow the spoken text, so that when I 
stop speech, the cursor gets positioned near to the word or the line 
where the speech stopped. All of traditional screen readers for Linux 
and Windows have such feature.

My second suggestion is about porting speechd-el to MS Windows. Because 
it's completely written in Elisp, I think the only requirement for it to 
work under Windows is to write a driver for outputting speech to a 
Windows-based technology, such as Sapi 5. Indeed, I suggest using Sapi 5 
as it is present on all current flavours of Windows, and most 
synthesisers use it, like ESpeak itself.

Regardless of it all, speaking as an user, speechd-el is looking good, 
although I'm still a very beginner in Emacs. I hope to have enough 
technical skills to help implementing such things some day.


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