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Speech-dispatcher issues

From: Nolan Darilek
Subject: Speech-dispatcher issues
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2011 19:51:43 -0600

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I'm noticing some odd issues and am wondering what I might provide to
help debug them and make them go away.

1. When I visit some websites using speech-dispatcher and Orca, speechd
crashes or locks up. I know that it's speech-dispatcher's fault because
if I "killall speech-dispatcher" then speech comes back without a
problem, mostly...

2. When speech returns, some letters aren't spoken until the next
character is typed. For instance, in typing this email and typing the
word "next", I don't hear the "e" until I type the "x", at which point
they're both spoken at once. This happens with most vowels, and quite
reliably. I remember this bug occurring with the libao driver, and it
doesn't happen with pulse until I kill speech-dispatcher once, and when
I do it generally keeps until I reboot. So here are some questions:

1. Is there any way to fix this problem without rebooting? Once I
killall speech-dispatcher, *nothing* I do gets my vowels back short of
rebooting. I can't restart Orca, I can't restart X, nothing makes my
vowels come back short of rebooting. Most of my recent reboots were done
to make speech-dispatcher speak vowels again, and if I can stop this
trend then it'd be great.

2. What information can I provide to debug this? I'm running the latest
SD as packaged in the PPA at http://ppa.launchpad.net/dusek/spd/ubuntu,
which hasn't been updated in several months.

But mainly I'd like to know how to get my vowels back without rebooting.
I'd think that killing speech-dispatcher and Orca should do it, but they
aren't enough.

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