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Code reindent (was: new upstream release?)

From: Hynek Hanke
Subject: Code reindent (was: new upstream release?)
Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2011 10:34:46 +0100

On 9.2.2011 05:43, William Hubbs wrote:
> Do you want me to do all of the code in one commit, or should I break it
> down more than that?

First of all, thank you for offering your help!

I don't see a reason to split it into several commits,
so one is fine with me.

> I have another question to ask. Linux kernel style says that tabs should
> be used for indentation. The document you referred to a while back says
> that you want to change that and use spaces. I don't know if anyone else
> has a feeling about this, but I prefer tabs.

I proposed so because spaces are also used in other Free(b)Soft
projects, but I don't have a strong opinion on it, so if nobody
is against, we can use tabs. They might be friendlier in terms
of accessibility, that's true.

Also if you have any pending patches which you would like
to commit before the reindent, please speak up!

Best regards,
Hynek Hanke

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