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Issue Tracking System for Speech Dispatcher

From: Hynek Hanke
Subject: Issue Tracking System for Speech Dispatcher
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 17:13:21 +0100

Hello all,

as I've mentioned earlier, we've setup an issue tracking
system for the Free(b)Soft projects, among them Speech
Dispatcher. By issues, we mean: problems, bugs and feature

You can find the system on:


The main navigation element here is a foldable tree menu
of projects and subprojects. From keyboard, it can easily
be entered using the Ctrl-Shift-m keyboard combination.
Then you can move in it using just arrow keys. Right/Left
key unfolds an item or folds it back.

There are these top-level items in the menu:
   All issues -- all issues for a project and all subprojects
   My issues -- issues where I am a solver or reviewer
   Projects -- list of projects where you can also subscribe/unsubscribe
               email notifications

You can find Speech Dispatcher (including its subprojects)
in all of them.

An unregistered user can view the projects and issues.
To be able to post comments, attachments, receive
notifications and such you have to register. If you
additionally click to agree with the conditions of
development during the registration (or later), then
you can also become a solver for an issue.

As I've said earlier, we have designed the ITS specifically to
support the development model we have. Thus every issue will
track its solver and reviewer.

You can then sort issues based on these categories, which makes
it easy to see which issues are still untaken, which issues are
done but pending review etc.

I think better than a lengthy explanation is if you
see yourself.

After you have registered


if you want to subscribe email notifications for the whole
Speech Dispatcher project, you can do so here:


The registration doesn't require our approval and you can just
start using the ITS right away except in case of the current
reviewers whom we have to manually assign the additional rights.

We should from now on start using ITS to track all bugs,
proposals, technical discussions and requests. This mailing
lists should eventually return back to function as a point
of contact with users, coordination and announcements.

If you prefer, you can also start posting patches directly into
the ITS issues as attachments. We do not however force you to
do so. We have mostly finished a script which should make it
really convenient, which we call git-its and is similar in spirit
to git send-patch and git-am. It has a command line interface
and will allow to send patches from Git directly to ITS and
apply patches from ITS directly into your git without any file
manipulation. This is however not ready yet as it is missing one
small fix on server side. I'll inform you as soon as it is ready.

You might also be interested in the other projects tracked
here: Ubuntu Accessibility, speechd-el, Free AT Guide and
others. Your help in all of these areas is appreciated!

I really hope this change will make things better and easier
for us as well as for the users. And of course we welcome your
feedback too.

Best Regards & Thanks again for your work,

Hynek Hanke

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