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Generic Module Severely Broken!

From: Steve Holmes
Subject: Generic Module Severely Broken!
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 16:11:47 -0700

I don't know exactly when this started but when I try to use
swift-generic as an output module to run the Cepstral voices,
Speech-Dispatcher speaks one line and then throws an error in the log
about a broken pipe and the "output module abnormally terminated
because it probably crashed."

I get this on two machines which are both running ALSA as the
AudioOutputMethod.  On my laptop, I was using this swift-generic
output module for use in gnome and was pretty stable until this
weekend when I got back into gnome on this machine for the first time
in a few days.  Any ideas on what is wrong with the generic module?

I am using a git pull of speechd from about the 24th or so.  Espeak
seems to work OK but then it doesn't use the generic module so it
seems stable enough.  Oh, I have started speechd as a system-wide
service.  This session level stuff just isn't stable enough for me.

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