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What I doing wrong?

From: x mash
Subject: What I doing wrong?
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2012 18:43:32 +0400

Hi. My name is Sasha I am one of the developers Samsung R&D. I try to use
speech-dispatcher for one of our projects. .

OS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.
Speech Dispatcher 0.7.1

I use this steps but have a problem :
1. Create connection use:
m_connection = spd_open2( "qtSample", "main", NULL, m_mode,
spd_get_default_address( m_error ), 1, m_error );
- m_error( NULL )

2. If connection was create I set language and notifications:
spd_set_language( m_connection, m_language );

- m_language = "en";

spd_set_notification_on( m_connection, SPD_END );

spd_set_notification_on( m_connection, SPD_CANCEL );

3. And set callback function for notification:

m_connection->callback_end = m_connection->callback_cancel = onEvent;

4. After that some algorithm use speech-dispatcher for talking.
spd_say( m_connection, SPD_MESSAGE, m_cache[item].m_text );

item - current item in the cache.

m_cache - some structure for caching synthetic voice, for present time just use
for saving text.

m_text - simple char*;

Speech dispatcher start talking and return callback when finished. After that my
algorithm set next item to cache and call part 4.

Cache return text for "spd_say" but for second time function not return his 
and just freeze.

No callback was return. I don't look for SPD_INDEX_MARKS event.

Maybe I must solved some task for this event. But in documentation I don't seen
this information.

What I doing wrong?
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