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Speech Dispatcher 0.8.1

From: Peter Robinson
Subject: Speech Dispatcher 0.8.1
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2014 11:33:24 +0100

Hi Luke,

> There has been many a bugfix since 0.8, which was released well over a year 
> ago. I think its time that a bugfix release was made, which will be 0.8.1. 
> However there are still some known bugs that should be fixed first before 
> releasing.

Any update on this? Maybe an 0.8.1 release without all the bug fixes,
followed by an 0.8.2?

> For starters, there are some bugs on the speech-dispatcher bug tracker that 
> need to be fixed, as they either break functionality of other software, or 
> may cause a client application to crash. The speech-dispatcher bug tracker 
> can be found at [1].
> If you know of any other important bugs that you feel should be addressed, 
> please consider filing them on the bug tracker, or posting to the list. 
> Longer term, I would like to use the bug tracker more heavily, but for now, 
> since I am not yet set up with access to change bug status etc, the mailing 
> list is fine.
> If you are able to help fix any of the bugs posted to the list, or on the 
> tracker, please feel free to submit patches to the mailing list, and they 
> will be reviewed in due course. I plan to release a test build of 
> speech-dispatcher 0.8.1 in mid June, which gives us some time to address the 
> bugs in question. Pushing the test release back will be considered if any 
> other critical bugs arrise in the mean time.
> Why a test release? There are some functionality changes in speech-dispatcher 
> git, particularly for the ibmtts driver, which could do with some wider 
> testing. There is also a change to the libao audio output driver that 
> although a bugfix, could do with some wider testing, given that different 
> distros may have different versions of libao, or may build it differently.
> Luke
> [1] https://its.freebsoft.org/its/issues/project/1876
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