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Speech Dispatcher 0.8.4 detailed changelog.

From: Luke Yelavich
Subject: Speech Dispatcher 0.8.4 detailed changelog.
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2016 07:58:40 +1000

Hey folks.
Here is the git shortlog for the 0.8.4 release, thanks to everybody who helped 

Andrei Kholodnyi (4):
      fix description of the -D option in help
      updated audio part of INSTALL
      update dotconf version and the project link
      remove dead code after server_data_on call

Frederik Gladhorn (2):
      Use quotation marks to include own headers
      Remove bogus header guards around include

Jeremy Whiting (4):
      Use speech-dispatcher/ subpath when including libspeechd_version.h in 
      Fix OK_MODULES_LIST_SENT message.
      Fix include paths in libspeechd.h
      espeak: Check variant_list for null before checking if it's empty.

Luke Yelavich (10):
      build - Adjust the includedir variable to point to the correct speechd 
include dir
      API - Try to find libspeechd_version.h in the include dir
      server - Remove unused method compare_message_fd
      server - Fix compiler warnings
      modules - Fix compiler warnings
      build - Enable silent rules by default
      Add sd_flite to gitignore
      server - Remove unused variable
      Update NEWS file for 0.8.4
      Update ANNOUNCE for 0.8.4

Mikkel Krautz (1):
      Refer to RFC 1766, 'Tags for the Identification of Languages', instead of 
RFC 1776.

razr (1):
      add libspeechd_version.h to .gitignore


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