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Module for Kali TTS

From: Raphaël POITEVIN
Subject: Module for Kali TTS
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2016 19:05:40 +0100

Dear team,

I work for Hypra, a french company which develops a Universal Access System.

I wrote a module for Kali, a french and english TTS:
Unfortunately there is no english page about it.

Kali is a non free software, but it's prety good quality for a french 
listener and we want to integrate it into our system.

This module should be modified later because for the moment, Kali writes 
a wave file which is read by module_play_file(). A kind of 
kali_text_to_wave, like flite, has been recently implemented but I 
didn't have the time to rewrite the module.

Kali is written in C++, therefore I had to modify some files to compile.

Please find my differents patches:
- ./configure.ac
- src/modules/Makefile.am
- src/modules/module_utils.h
- config/modules/kali.conf
- config/modules/Makefile.am

And of course the cpp module.

I hope that module could be added to the project. Don't hesitate to tell 
me if some parts of the code don't respect the general modules structure.

Best regards,
Hypra S.A.S.
t?l. : 01 84 73 06 61
ligne directe : 09 72 49 77 48
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